AQUA-E Products
     AQUA-E products are the latest innovations in drip irrigation technology that incorporate patent pending inline emitters for agriculture and commercial applications. Our products are designed to meet local demands.
Agro Applications
     Designed to meet a plant or crop's water requirements at the root level, AQUA-E products are engineered to sustain under long harsh weather and wear. The durability of our products ensure economical value and return
on invested capital for the farmer.
Commercial & Industrial
     Critical emphasis was put into every design to ensure the longivity of each product for landscaping applications. AQUA-E products provide reliable low cost maintenance and overall customer
satisfaction to the developer.

   Designed in America...
      Tested in Europe...
         Manufactured Locally...

Innovations in Irrigation
Water conservation is the key driving force behind every product we engineer today.
Why reinvent the wheel?
Modern science and technology in the plastics industry has redefined many processes necessary to mold products for the development of new irrigation technologies
Rising global demand for potable water is now forcing local utilities and governments to develop aggressive measures to conserve public water
To improve the delivery of water and nutrients to the root system, using drip irrigation systems will ensure longer plant life
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